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ENG287H1S L5101

ENG287H1S L5101 MW 6-9
Digital Text
L. Evalyn
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Jackman Humanities Building, Room TBA

Brief Description of Course: The “digital,” in literary studies, can refer to computational approaches to literature or to texts which are, themselves, digital. This course will explore both. We will use computer-assisted analysis and consult digital editions to ask new questions about Mary Shelley’s 1818 science fiction classic, Frankenstein. And we will use established literary frameworks of critical reading to analyze contemporary digital fiction. The course material requires that students have access to a computer, but no programming experience is expected or required.

Required Reading: Frankenstein by Mary Shelley (Norton Critical Edition); 80 Days by Inkle Studios (video game); other readings available online.

First Three Authors/Texts: Nicholas Carr and Clay Shirky (online); Marshall McLuhan (online); Mary Shelley, Frankenstein.

Method of Instruction: Lecture and discussion.

Method of Evaluation: 15% short quizzes; 40% two short assignments (20% each); 35% long assignment; 10% participation.

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