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100-Level Undergraduate Course Timetables and Descriptions

Only ONE of ENG 110Y1, 140Y1 or 150Y1 may be counted toward English program requirements. ENG100H1, or ENG102H  may not be used to meet the requirements of any English program.

Course Description

Course Title



ENG140Y1Y  -  L0101 

Literature for Our Time

F2-4; Tut F12 or F1

 N. Mount

ENG150Y1Y  -  L0101

Literary Tradition

M1-3; Tut W1 or W2

C. Warley

The following courses do not count toward any of our English Programs. ENG designated courses do, however, count as ENG course prerequisites.

Course Description

Course Title



 ENG100H1F -  L5101  Effective Writing
 R6-9  D. Flynn
ENG100H1S -  L5101 Effective Writing
D. Flynn

 ENG100H1S -  L0101

 Effective Writing

  M2-4, W2-3

 K. Rodda

ENG102H1F - L0101  Literature and the Sciences   M2, W2-4 T. Dancer 
ENG196H1F -  L0101         First Year Seminar: 
Time Travel and Narrative
 T2-4 T. Dancer 
ENG197H1F -  L0101       First Year Seminar:  Representing Disability
K. Williams
ENG198H1S  L0101    First Year Seminar: Shipwrecks and Castaways
T11-1 M. Uphaus 
ENG199H1S -  L0101  First Year Seminar: Writing About Music
R3-5  P. Downes

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