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ENG203H1F L0101 T2-4; Tut R2 or R3
Introduction to British Literature 2
Professor Simon Dickie

Brief Description of Course: Our goal in this course is to learn the conventional periodization of British literary history from 1660-1900, and the major genres and authors associated with each period. In the process, we will learn the specialized terminology of literary criticism: how to recognize verse forms, metres, and rhyme schemes; prose style, tone, point of view, allusion, adaptation, and much more. In lectures – and especially in weekly tutorials – students will practice using this terminology for detailed close reading of primary texts. This well-informed close reading will then be the focus of your essay and final exam.

Required Reading: The Norton Anthology of English Literature Vols. C, D, & E (10th edition). Purchase of these volumes also gives access to additional resources (NAEL Online Archive)M.H. Abrams, A Glossary of Literary Terms (11th edition [2015] or recent editions available second hand)Dickens, Great Expectations, ed. Mitchell (Penguin); all texts are available at the Bob Miller Book Room, 180 Bloor St W.

First Three Authors/Texts: poems by Swift and Pope, including “Verses on the Death of Dr. Swift,”; “An Essay on Criticism,”; The Rape of the Lock.

Method of Instruction: Weekly lectures and tutorials.

Method of Evaluation: 3 Quizzes on the literary history, terms, and concepts of each period(12-15 short answers, 25 minutes, in tutorial) (10% each = 30%), tutorial and class participation (15%), essay (1500 words) (20%), exam (3 hours)

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