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ENG250H1S L0101 T11-1; Tut R11 or R12
Introduction to American Literature
Professor Naomi Morgenstern

Brief Description of Course: An introduction to American literature exploring classic works in a variety of genres, including fiction, poetry, essays, and slave narratives. The course will examine pervasive American ideals and their critique and the relationship between liberal individualism and various forms of democratic collectivity. We will also ask how the American citizen negotiates questions of gender, race, desire and class, and what constitutes a specifically American aesthetic.

Required Reading: A syllabus will be available in the summer. Please contact the instructor..

First Three Authors/Texts: Douglass; Emerson; Thoreau.

Method of Instruction: Lecture & discussion.

Method of Evaluation: Essay (30%), reading quizzes (4x5%), oral participation in tutorials (10%), exam (40%).

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