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JEI206H1S  L0101   M1-3, Tutorial W1 OR W2 OR W3
Writing English Essays 
Cynthia Messenger

Brief Description of Course: Students will learn to write a research-informed undergraduate humanities essay, in part by reading and analyzing other forms of the essay, including the personal essay, literary criticism, the new journalism, the scholarly article, and the literary review. The rhetorical differences among the various essay forms will provide opportunities to study tone, audience, voice, purpose, and rhetorical strategies, such as tropes and schemes.Analyzing persuasive strategy and genre will help students learn about the use of evidence and the cultural assumptions at play in a text.

Each student in the course will be encouraged to meet with the course instructor at least once in a one-on-one meeting. In addition, Innis College Writing Centre instructors are available to provide one-on-one assessments of each student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Require Reading:
The required course texts are available at the U of T Bookstore. They are: A course reader and Katherine O. Acheson’s Writing Essays About Literature. I will also assign online readings. Helpful material will appear on a Blackboard site that will be launched after the first day of class. I will post on Blackboard and email to students a schedule of weekly readings.

First Three Authors/Texts: TBA

Method of Instruction: Lecture, tutorial, one-on-one assessment.

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