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400-Level Undergraduate Course Timetables and Descriptions

English 400-series courses are open to students who have obtained standing in at least 9.0 FCE, including 4.0 ENG FCE. (Please note that beginning with the 2019-20 FAS Calendar, this prerequisite will include all of ENG202H1, ENG203H1, ENG250H1 and ENG252H1). Students who require a 400-series course to satisfy their program requirements have enrolment priority in the first round of course enrolment. During the second round of enrolment the priority is lifted and the course is open to all students who meet the prerequisites. To ensure maximum availability of 400-series courses, fourth-year Specialists are allowed to enrol in only 1.0 400-series ENG FCE during the priority period and fourth-year Majors are allowed to register in only 0.5 400-level ENG FCE during the priority period. Seminars are designed to provide students with the opportunity to practice their skills of research and interpretation at a particularly advanced level. Please note that prerequisites and limits will be strictly enforced. For room locations and up to date information, please see the Arts and Science Timetable at

* Please note that for our New 2018 Programs, 400-level ENG courses may not be used to fulfill the requirements of any group. The Groups listed below indicate our pre-2018 Program Groupings. We would be making these exemptions on Degree Explorer when students have passed the course, or, when program assessments are completed after the student requests graduation.

Course Description

Course Title



ENG480H1F - L0101

Emily Dickinson


M. Cobb

ENG480H1F - L0201 Human/Posthuman/Animal M2-4 S. Salih
ENG481H1F - L0101 W.B. Yeats
T11-1 M. Woodland
ENG481H1F - L0201  Eliot and Stevens T12-2 M. Xie
ENG482H1F - L0101  The Novel and Everyday Life
T1-3 A. Jaffe
ENG483H1F - L0101 Britain and the World T3-5 M. Uphaus
ENG484H1F - L0101 Contemporary Dystopian Fiction
W11-1 M. Johnstone
ENG485H1F - L0101  Romanticism & Memory
W1-3 K. Weisman
ENG486H1F - L0101 Aesthetic and Decadent Movements
W2-4 H. Li
ENG487H1F - L0101 Ecology and Literature
 R10-12 A. Bewell
ENG488H1F - L0101 Queer Renaissance R1-3  M. Teramura
ENG489H1F - L0101 Postcolonial Theory Today R3-5 R. Mehta
 ENG480H1S - L0101 TBA  M11-1  TBA 
ENG481H1S - L0101   Canadian Graphic Novel T12-2  A. Lesk 
 ENG482H1S - L0101 Varieties of Eighteenth-Century Religious Experience  T1-3 A. Hernandez 
 ENG483H1S - L0101 Fairy Tales, Fantasy and Children's/YA Literature   T2-4  D. Baker
 ENG484H1S - L0101 Critical Race Theory  T3-5  M. Nyquist 
 ENG485H1S - L0101  Ecocriticism  W1-3 A. Most 
 ENG486H1S - L0101 Poetics of Melancholy  W2-4  E. Harvey 
ENG486H1S - L0201 Shakespeare's Sonnets W2-4 L. Magnusson
ENG486H1S - L0201 Jewish Comics and Graphic Novels  W6-8  G. Moskowitz 
ENG488H1S - L0101  TBA
R10-12 TBA
ENG489H1S - L0101 Truth and Reconciliation Literature R1-3 C. Suzack

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