Department of English

University of Toronto


ENG487H1S  L5101   W6-8
Jewish Comics and Graphics Novels
Dr. Golan Moskowitz

Brief Description of Course: Investigates the possibilities of reading graphic narrative and comics as literary texts, historical documents, and semiotic media artefacts. Explores formal and theoretical elements of comics and graphic novels created by and about Jews over the past century. Considers how and why Jewish creators have featured prominently in these forms, as well as how Jewish comics and graphic narratives relate to trends in Jewish literature. Themes of consideration will include migration, acculturation, hybridity, intergenerational trauma, shifting constructions of childhood, and the postmodern self.

Required Reading: Understanding Comics (Scott McCloud); Maus I and II (Art Spiegelman); We Are On Our Own (Miriam Katin); Waltz With Bashir (Folman and Polonsky); A Contract with God (Will Eisner); Unterzakhn (Leela Corman); The Rabbi’s Cat (Joann Sfar)

First Three Authors/Texts: TBA.

Method of Instruction: Seminar.

Method of Evaluation: Short assignments (20%), presentation (10%), participation (30%), papers (40%).

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