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ENG202H1S L5101

ENG202H1S L5101 MW 6-9
Introduction to British Literature 1
Instructor: Melanie Santos

Brief Description of Course: This survey of British literature introduces students to works from the Anglo Saxon period to the seventeenth century, developing an understanding of British literary history through the examination of poetry, drama, and prose. As we consider literature's relationship to its historical context, we will reflect on the meaning of tradition and the concept of "Englishness." This historical frame will also allow us to examine literature's relationship to culture more broadly, including its intervention in contemporary religion and politics, as well as its representations of gender, sexuality, race, and nationalism.

Required Reading: TBA

First Three Authors/Texts: Beowulf; Marie de France; Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

Method of Instruction: Lecture

Method of Evaluation: Short writing assignments, reading quizzes, final essay, final exam.

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