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University of Toronto

ENG252H1F L0101

ENG252H1F L0101 TR 2-5
Introduction to Canadian Literature
Russell Brown

Brief Description of Course: Short stories, non-fiction prose, and poetry from a wide variety of individuals who have contributed to Canada’s literary identity. These works will be read closely and also considered in terms of what they show us about the history and the present of English Canada.

Required Reading: An Anthology of Canadian Literature in English (2019)

First Three Authors and Texts: Bennett and Brown, Preface and Introduction in An Anthology of Canadian Literature in English; Margaret Atwood, “Hello, Martians. Let Moby-Dick Explain”; Charles G.D. Roberts, “Under the Ice-Roof”

Method of Instruction:  Lecture/discussion.

Method of Evaluation: In-class and online participation  (10%); 5 quizzes (10%); 2 short essays (20% and 25%); exam (35%).

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