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2022 Summer Timetable

For ENG 390Y1/392H1:

Students must email a signed proposal form, available here, to the Office of the Associate Chair, c/o The Undergraduate Advisor, Department of English, by not later than Wednesday, June 1, 2022.

For ENG499Y1:
A seminar designed to provide students with the opportunity to practice their skills of research and interpretation at a particularly advanced level, especially suited for students considering a graduate degree in English or a related discipline. The course is open to students in English Specialist and Major programs who have achieved 80% in all English courses they have taken at the 200 level or above. Prerequisite: 4.0 ENG credits (including ENG202H1, ENG203H1, ENG250H1, ENG252H1) and any 9.0 credits.

Department of English Statement on Attendance and Participation

English courses at the University of Toronto offer a distinctive sense of community, as they aim to foster opportunities both to listen and to be heard. While the requirements of individual instructors and the constraints and opportunities of various courses may differ significantly, the Department of English expects regular, prompt attendance in all courses and active participation when appropriate. Lectures and in-class discussions provide the foundation and context for all written assignments and other forms of evaluation.

By promoting both oral and written proficiency, the English program offers students a set of broadly effective professional and social skills. Regular attendance and informed participation demonstrate a commitment to fellow students and to the ideal of a shared educational experience.

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