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ENG287H1S - L0101

ENG287H1S L0101
Digital Text

Times: Lectures Mon 2-4 pm; Tutorials Wed 2-3pm or 3-4pm

Instructor: TBA


Brief Description of Course: This course explores the stakes and consequences of literature’s transition from printed to digital forms. How do digital and printed texts differ materially, and how does this affect literary form, authorship, consumption, reception — and society more broadly? What new expressive possibilities are present in “born digital” forms like webcomics, fan fiction, interactive fiction, and videogames? How do social media and online reading communities impact the way that literature is marketed and discussed? Will electronic archives make literature more accessible, or less? How do digital texts challenge existing definitions of what counts as “literature”?

Required Reading(s): Weekly readings and games online; Frankenstein (Mary Shelley 1818/1831), any edition is acceptable; 80 Days (Inkle 2014). 

First Three Authors/Texts: “Introduction,” What We Talk About When We Talk About Books (Leah Price 2019); Frankenstein (Mary Shelley 1818/1831); Galatea (Emily Short 2000)

Method of Evaluation: 10% Assignment 1 - Description of affordances; 20% Assignment 2 - Creative intervention (in Twine); 20%; Assignment 4 – Game/book review; 30% Assignment 5 - Digital argument (in Twine); 20% Tutorial participation.

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