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Man should rejoice, by Hugh MacLennan: A Critical Edition | a new book edited by Colin Hill
Man Should Rejoice
Best wishes to Greig Henderson on his retirement. 
G. Henderson retirement party
Modernist Life Histories | a new book by Daniel Newman
D. Newman New Book
The Black Prairie Archives: An Anthology | a forthcoming book by edited by Karina Vernon
The Black Prairie Archives
An Anthology of Canadian Literature in English | a new book by edited by Donna Bennett and Russell Brown 
Anthology of Can Lit
Singing in a Foreign Land: Anglo-Jewish Poetry, 1812-1847 | a new book by Karen A. Weisman
Singing in a Foreign Land K. W
Discoveries on the Early Modern Stage: Contexts and Conventions | a new book by Leslie Thomson
L. Thomson _ New Book
Distillations: Theory, Ethics, Affect | a forthcoming book by Mari Ruti
distillations M. Ruti
REED: Berkshire, ed. Alexandra F. Johnston, Launched!
REED becshire
Bad Logic: Reasoning about Desire in the Victorian Novel | a new book by Daniel Wright
Bad Reasoning
The Digby Play of Mary Magdalene | a new book by Chester N. Scoville
The Digby Play of Mary
Becca Fair and Foul | a new book by Deirdre Baker
Becca Fair & Foul
A special lecture organized by Professor Alex Hernandez for his course Austen and Her Contemporaries.
J. A Dance
Forgotten| a new book by Marlene Goldman
M. Goldman Forgotten
CIBC Speed Readers Run for the Cure
CIBC run for cure 2018
The Essential John Reibetanz | a new book by John Reibetanz and Jeffery Donaldson
John's book
War is Here: The Vietnam War and Canadian Literature| a new book by Robert McGill
War is here
Inspired by Northrop Frye, Apala travels halfway around world to study English at U of T
Apala Das

Stage and Picture in the English Renaissance | a new book by John Astington
J. Astington (stage & Pic)
A team building retreat for the Department's admin group.
Team Retreat 2018
Prose Fiction in English from the Origins of Print to 1750 | a new book edited by Thomas Keymer
T. K fiction book
Elizabeth Bishop at Work | a new book by Eleanor Cook
Eleanor Cook (Elizabeth)
Indigenous Women's Writing and the Cultural Study of Law | a new book by Cheryl Suzack
Dr. Cheryl Suzack

Reader in Comedy: An Anthology of Theory and Criticism | 
a new book by
Alan Ackerman and Magda Romanska
Natures in Translation | a new book by Alan Bewell
Jackman Humanities Building: Home of the Department of English
Work in Nineteeth-Century Studies Group (WINCS)
Toronto Eighteenth-Century Group (TECG)
The GEA Website
GEA website
Wild Child: Intensive Parenting and Posthumanist Ethics | a new book by Naomi Morgenstern
Wild Child N. Morgenstern


H. Craig

Congratulations to Heidi Craig on being appointed on a tenure-track  Assistant Professor position at the Texas A&M University.


(Photo Credit: Steve Payne)

Congratulations to Al Moritz on being appointed Poet Laureate of Toronto.


Congratulations to Nancy Kang (African-American, 2007, Hutcheon) on winning the Canada Research Chair (II) in Women and Gender Studies at the University of Manitoba.

Naomi M

Congratulations to Naomi Morgenstern on being awarded the American Psychoanalytic Association's 2019 Courage to Dream Book Prize for Wild Child

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Congratulations to Matt Sergi on winning the University’s intensely competitive Early Career Teaching Award.

UTSG 2018 Undergraduate curriculum has been revised. Click here for more information.

Congratulations to Deni Kasa (Early Modern, 2017, Stevens) and to Nathan Murray (Modern British, 2018, Henderson )on winning a SSHRC Post-doctoral Fellowships: Deni will hold his at the University of Oxford under the supervision of Professor Sarah Mortimer (Christ Church) and Nathan his at the University of Virginia under the supervision of Professor Rita Felski.

Congratulations to Zak Jones on winning  2019-2020 JHI Program for the Arts funding for Dirty Laundry series. 
Zak Jones 

Photo of Jackman Humanities Building
English has revised its Undergraduate curriculum. Indigenous, postcolonial literature among new requirements. Read more in The Varsity. 

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