4100 Topics in Diasporic, Postcolonial, and Transnational Literature

ENG4100HS    L0101    

Postcolonial Ecocriticism    



Course Description:  

This seminar examines the intersections of postcolonialism and ecocriticism as well as the tensions between these conceptual nodes, with readings drawn from across the global South. Topics of discussion include colonialism, ecological degradation, resource extraction, globalization, decolonial epistemologies, futurity, the challenges of narrativization, and structural and slow violence. The course is concerned with varieties of environmentalism and environmental consciousness, and the narrative strategies affording the illumination of these ideas. Course reading list will include readings by Jamaica Kincaid, Mayra Montero, Amitav Ghosh, and Zakes mda. 

Course Reading List: 

Method of Evaluation and Course Requirements 

 [NB: SGS requires that participation grade must not exceed 20% of total grade]
Course participants have two papers for the term, and they have the option to select the genre of their second paper. Students can craft an original essay that analyzes a primary text from a postcolonial and/or ecocritical perspective. Such work should aim at producing new insight on a theoretical concept and/or the cultural text. For their second essay, students can either write another original essay, or they can write a book review essay discussing two to three recent monographs focused on postcolonial ecocriticism. 
Grade Breakdown: 
Conference paper (6-8 pages) - 30% 
Second paper (6-8 pages) - 30% 
Weekly Summary, Synthesis, and Questions - 30% 
In-class participation - 10% 


Term: S-TERM (January 2025 to April 2025)
Date/Time: Monday 11:00 am to 1:00 pm (2 hours)
Location:  TBA

Delivery: In-Person