The Voice of Undergraduate Students

The English Students' Union

Anyone taking 0.5 FCE (one half-course) or more is a member of the English Students’ Union (ESU). The role of the ESU can be summarized in three points:

  • To act as a liaison between English students and the English Department; (2) to provide a community for English students
  • To provide a community for English students
  • To organize events that promote learning and community-building among English students.

The ESU hosts a variety of events and meetings throughout the school year, targeted at English students who want to expand their network, outlook, and interest. These events include: academic seminars, pub nights, mentorship meetings, etc. All students taking ENG courses are encouraged to attend.

The 2023-24 ESU Executive Team

President: Neruka Joseph
Co-Vice Presidents: Mei Linh Cheng & Margaret Todoroska
Treasurer: Emma Grace Ward
Events Coordinators: Wai Kei Victoria Li & Maham Qaiser 
General Executive Members: Olivia Cerello, Nina Katz, Elaine Lee, Devarya Singhania


Contact Information

The University of Toronto Department of English
170 St George St, Rm 630


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IDIOM: English Undergraduate Academic Journal

An annual publication of exemplary literary criticism written by undergraduate students at the University of Toronto.