The Voice of Undergraduate Students - The ESU

The Voice of Undergraduate Students - The English Students' Union

Anyone taking 0.5 FCE (one half-course) or more is a member of the English Students’ Union (ESU). The role of the ESU can be summarized in three points:

  • To act as a liaison between English students and the English Department; (2) to provide a community for English students
  • To provide a community for English students
  • To organize events that promote learning and community-building among English students.

The ESU hosts a variety of events and meetings throughout the school year, targeted at English students who want to expand their network, outlook, and interest. These events include: academic seminars, pub nights, mentorship meetings, etc. All students taking ENG courses are encouraged to attend.

Contact Information

The University of Toronto Department of English
170 St George St, Rm 630


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President: Amy Zhao
Co-Vice Presidents: Neruka Joseph & Mei Linh Cheng
Treasurer: Alexander Lynch
Social Media Manager: Esther Choi
Events Coordinators: Katie Kinross & Isha Rizwan
Second-Year Representatives: Margaret Todoroska
General Executive Members: Elaine Lee & Tamara Million
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