Enrol in an Individual Study Course

What is an Individual Study Course?  

A scholarly project chosen by the student and supervised by a faculty member from the Department of English. The form of the project and the manner of its execution are determined in consultation with the supervisor.

ENG390Y1 is a full year course and ENG392H1 is the half year version. The two courses are mutually exclusive, so students can only apply for one. These courses are not eligible for CR/NCR option.

How do I pursue an Individual Study Course?  

The first step is to find an English facutly member that is willing to supervise your research. It is best to find a faculty member whose research interests align with yours. To find the list of English faculty members, their research interests, and contact details, visit our Faculty Directory

Once you have secured a faculty supervisor, submit the FileIndividual Studies Proposal Form - 2024-25 no later than August 1 to the Undergraduate Advisor at english.undergraduate@utoronto.ca

What are the pre-requisites?

3.0 ENG courses, and any 4.0 FCE. Permission of the Faculty supervisor and the UG Associate Chair.

I have a question about Individual Study Courses that is not answered on this page, who can I ask?  

Feel free to contact the Undergraduate Advisor, Vanessa Andres, at english.undergraduate@utoronto.ca