Some courses in English are full (Y) courses, which run from mid-September to mid-April; (F) courses run for the first term only; (S) courses for the second term only. All courses are run as seminars, and attendance and participation are mandatory. In case of absence due to illness or other causes, please contact the instructor (if possible, in advance).

Credit for the equivalent of four full graduate courses is normally required for the MA. Three more full-year courses (or the equivalent in full or half-year courses) are normally required for the doctorate. Non-credit (CR/NCR) courses are excluded from this count. 

Ordinarily, PhD students complete all their coursework (six half courses plus ENG9400H) in the first year of the program, with the exceptions of ENG9900H (see below, under Course Requirements). In the Fall Term, first-year PhD students should take three half courses plus ENG9400H; in the Winter Term, first-year PhD students should take three half courses.

Language Requirements

Normally, all students in the PhD program in English must demonstrate a reading knowledge of French. Those whose proposed research requires a reading knowledge of languages other than French must have or acquire such knowledge (these specific requirements will be set by the individual student's thesis committee). With the written permission of the Department, another language (including Old English) may be substituted for a reading knowledge of French. The language requirement must be completed by the end of the third year of the program.

Courses outside The English Department

Students may take up to 2 half courses outside the department. Students wishing to take such a course should obtain approval in writing from the Associate Director, MA or PhD or the Director of MA in the Field of Creative Writing. As not all graduate departments allow students to enrol in courses via ACORN, also check local enrolment procedures with the host department.

PLEASE NOTE: Practicum or Lab courses taken through a collaborative specialization do not count towards fulfilling our Departmental coursework requirements; e.g., BKS2001H will not count towards coursework requirements for the PhD in English and will be taken in addition to our Departmental program requirements.

Course Requirements

Incoming MA students are required to take ENG6999YF Critical Topographies: Theory and Practice of Contemporary Literary Studies in English. Please note that MA CRW students are not required to take this course.

Incoming PhD candidates are required to take ENG9400H Essential Skills Workshop Series in Year 1.

Incoming PhD U (Direct Entry) students must also take ENG6999YF Critical Topographies in Year 1 and ENG9400H Essential Skills Workshop Series in Year 2.

PhD students must take ENG9900H Teaching Literature in either Year 2 or Year 3, and PhD U (Direct Entry) students must take ENG9900H Teaching Literature in either Year 3 or Year 4.

More information on the School of Graduate Studies, including a Reference for Prospective Students, can be found on the School of Graduate Studies website.