U of T is the top-ranked Canadian university and 15th in the world in the 2018 QS Graduate Employability Rankings

Academic and Non-Academic Placement by Year

Academic Positions Tenure-Track/Permanent 2021-22

  • Henry Ivry (AmLit, 2019, Downes) Lecturer, 20th and 21st Century Literature, University of Glasgow
  • Julia Mattison (Med, 2021, Gillespie) Asst. Prof., Late Medieval and Tudor Literature and Culture, University of Groningen

Postdoctoral Fellowships Awarded 2021-22

  • Robin D'Souza (Modern, 2022, Bolus-Reichert), Gilson Seminar Postdoctoral Fellow (one year, renewable), St Michael's College, University of Toronto
  • Angela Du (Vict, ABD, Jaffe), University Fellow for Diversity in English (three years), University of North Carolina - Asheville
  • Lawrence Evalyn (18th C, 2022, Gillespie) Postdoctoral Fellow in English and the Data Sciences Institute (one year), University of Toronto
  • Ira Halpern (AmLit, 2022, Cobb), Tagle Postdoctoral Fellow (one year), John J. Reilly Center for Science, Technology and Values, U Notre Dame; SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship (two years, start 2023), to Northeastern University
  • Billy Johnson (CanLit, 2022, Hill), SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship (two years), to Dalhousie U: concurrent with Isaak Walton Killam Postdoctoral Fellowship (two years), Dalhousie University
  • Max Karpinski (CanLit, 2020, Kamboureli), University of Toronto Mississauga Postdoctoral Fellowship (one year); SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship (two years, start 2023), location TBC
  • Joanna Krongold (Modern/Contemp/Jewish St, 2020, Most), Joint Postdoctoral Fellow, Anne Tanenbaum Centre for Jewish Studies/Office of Inclusion and Diversity, Temerty Faculty of Medicine, U Toronto (one year); concurrently Postdoctoral Fellow, The Wilson Centre
  • Tim Lem-Smith (AmLit, 2022, Downes), SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship (two years), to Dartmouth College
  • Elisa Tersigni (EM, 2018, McLeod), SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship (two years), to Northeastern University

VAP and LTA/Contractual Positions Awarded 2021-22 (to begin 2022)

  • Nicole Birch-Bayley (CanLit, 2022, Mount) Faculty Liaison Coordinator (one year), Centre for Teaching Support and Innovation, University of Toronto
  • Lawrence Evalyn (18th C/Digital, 2022, Gillespie) VAP Department of English, and Co-Director Digital Integration Teaching Initiative, Northeastern University
  • Rohan Ghatage (AmLit, 2022, N. Dolan), CLTA, Department of English, Trent University, renewed 2022-23
  • Tim Lem-Smith (AmLit, 2022, Downes), CLTA (AY 21-22), Department of English, Rhodes College (Memphis)
  • Prathna Lor (Modern, 2021, Cobb) CLTA (one year), Department of English, Concordia U
  • Katherine McLeod (Can, 2010, Solecki), Asst. LTA (three years), Department of English, Concordia U (previously SpokenWeb Postdoctoral Fellow, and LTA, Concordia U)
  • Sean McPhail (Modern, 2021, Leonard) Learning Specialist, Department of English and Creative Writing, University of Windsor, renewed 22-23
  • Nathan Murray (Modern, 2018, Henderson) LTA (two years), Academic Writing, Algoma University (Brampton Campus)
  • Marci Prescott-Brown (19thC/AfrAm, 2018, Nyquist), CLTA (one year), New College Writing Centre, University of Toronto
  • Julie Prior (EM, 2021, Lopez), Asst. Prof., Department of English, Oklahama Panhandle State University, renewed 22-23
  • Matt Risling (18th C, 2017, Keymer) CLTA, Department of English, St Mary's U Calgary, renewed 22-23

Alt-Ac and Alt Permanent/Continuing Appointments 2021-22

  • Andrea Day (Vict, 2018, Bolus-Reichert) Editorial and Proposal Development Officer, Office of the V-P Research and Innovation, University of Toronto (previously at CAMH)
  • Kaelyn Kaoma (PoCo, 2017, ten Kortenaar), Associate Negotiator, Ministry of Indigenous Affairs, Government of Ontario
  • Katherine Shwetz (CanLit, 2021, Goldman), Program and Curriculum Coordinator, Office of the Principal, University of Toronto Scarborough
  • Leslie Wexler (EM, ABD, Blake), Senior Educational Developer, Indigenous Knowledges and Anti-racist Pedagogies, University of Waterloo

Academic Positions Tenure-Track/Permanent 2020-21

  • Alyson Brickey (AmLit, 2017, Cobb) Asst., English, U Winnipeg
  • Claire Battershill (Modern, 2013, H. Jackson) Asst., Faculty of Information/ English, U Toronto
  • Ashley Caranto Morford (Indigenous/Asian NA, 2021, Gillespie) Asst., Liberal Arts, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
  • Angelo Muredda (CanLit, 2019, Goldman) Professor of English, Humber
  • Daniel Newman (20th C Brit, 2013, Schmitt) Asst. (Teaching Stream), English, U Toronto

Academic Positions Tenure-Track/Permanent Second Placements 2020-21

  • David Adkins (EM, 2018, Galbraith) English, Northwest Nazarene U (previously Toccoa Falls College)
  • Kit Dobson (CanLit, 2006, Hutcheon) English, U Calgary (previously Mount Royal University)
  • Suddhaseel Sen (EM, 2010, Hutcheon) Humanities and Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (previously Presidency U, Calcutta)

Postdoctoral Fellowships Awarded 2020-21

  • Henry Ivry (AmLit, 2019, Downes) SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship (two years), to U Pittsburgh
  • Julia Mattison (Med, 2021, Gillespie) Killam Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (two years), University of British Columbia
  • Elisa Tersigni (EM, 2018, McLeod) Council on Library and Information Resources Postdoctoral Fellowship 2021-22, Jackman Humanities Institute, U Toronto
  • Christina Turner (CanLit, 2021, Kamboureli) SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship (two years), to U Manitoba; Grant Notley Memorial Postdoctoral Fellowship (Honorary), U Alberta

VAP and LTA Positions Awarded 2020-21 (to begin 2021)

  • Fiona Coll (Vic, 2013, Matus) CLTA (Teaching Stream) (three years) FASE Transdisciplinary Engineering Education & Practice/Graduate Centre for Academic Communication, U Toronto (previously SUNY Oswego)
  • Rohan Ghatage (AmLit, ABD, Dolan), VAP (one year) Department of English, Trent U
  • Tim Lem-Smith (AmLit, ABD, Downes) VAP (two years) Department of English, Rhodes C, Memphis
  • Sean McPhail ( 20thC Brit/Irish, 2021, Leonard) Learning Specialist (one year) Department of English & Creative Writing/FAHSS, U Windsor
  • Julie Prior (EM, 2021, Lopez) Asst. (one year) Oklahoma Panhandle SU
  • Matt Risling ( 18thC, 2017, Keymer) VAP (one year) Department of English, St Mary's U, Calgary (previously U Michigan-Shangai Jiao Tong)

Alt-Ac and Alt Permanent/Continuing Appointments 2020-21

  • Jeff Espie (EM, 2016, Galbraith) Director of Office, Office of the Vice-President and Principal,
  • U Toronto Mississauga
  • Veronica Litt (18th C, ABD, Dickie) Digital Scholarship Co-ordinator, Lewis and Ruth Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship, McMaster University
  • Joel Rodgers (EM, 2020, Stevens) Co-ordinator, Graduate Student Professional Development, FAS, U Toronto
  • Matt Schneider (Book History/DH, 2019, McLeod) Web Content Administrator, Edmonton Public Library

Academic Positions Tenure-track/Permanent 2019-20

  • Gillian Bright (PoCo, 18, Goldman) Kwantlen Polytechnic U Permanent
  • Amy Coté (Vict, 20, Bolus-Reichert/Knight) Samford U Alabama TT
  • Julia Grandison (Vict, 14, Lynch) Kwantlen Polytechnic U Permanent
  • Heather Jessup (CanLit, 15, Ruti) Dalhousie U TT
  • Cynthia Quarrie (Contemp, 12, Hutcheon) Concordia U TT

Academic Positions Tenure-Track/Permanent Second Placements 2019-20

  • Esther De Bruijn (African, 13, Quayson) King's College U London (previously U Lethbridge)
  • Nany Kang (Afr-Am, 07, Hutcheon) CRC II Transnational Feminisms and Gender-Based Violence U Manitoba (currently U Manitoba)
  • Ian Williams (Mod, 05, Elliott Clarke) U Toronto (previously UBC)

Postdoctoral Fellowships Awarded 2019-20

  • Jacqueline Wylde (EM, 18, Magnusson) SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship (two years) at St. Francis-Xavier U

VAP and LTA Positions Awarded 2019-20 (to begin 2020)

  • Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer (18th C, 18, Ruti), Daehler Visiting Assistant Professor (renewal), Colorado College
  • Sarah Star (Med, 16, Akbari) Visiting Assistant Professor (renewal), Kenyon College

New Alt-Ac and Alt Permanent Appointments 2019-20

  • Cristina D'Amico (Am, 20, Downes/Morgenstern) Curriculum Developer, TA Training Program, Centre for Teaching Support and Innovation, U Toronto
  • Andrea Lynne Day (Vict, 18, Bolus-Reichert), Grants Officer, CAMH Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
  • John Estabillo (EM, 17, Harvey) Literacy and Social Studies Publisher [Senior Editor], Nelson Canada
  • Adrienne Todd (Rom, 19, Bewell), Curriculum Manager, SV Academy

Alt-Ac and Alt Second Placements 2019-20 

  • Jeff Espie (EM, 2016, Galbraith) Director of Office, Office of the Vice-President and Principal,U Toronto Mississauga
  • Veronica Litt (18th C, ABD, Dickie) Digital Scholarship Co-ordinator, Lewis and Ruth Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship, McMaster University
  • Joel Rodgers (EM, 2020, Stevens) Co-ordinator, Graduate Student Professional Development, FAS, U Toronto
  • Matt Schneider (Book History/DH, 2019, McLeod) Web Content Administrator, Edmonton Public Library

Academic Positions Tenure-track/Permanent 2018-19

  • Trevor Cook, Concordia University of Edmonton (Early Modern, 2011, Galbraith)
  • Heidi Craig, Texas A&M University (Early Modern, 2017, Lopez)
  • Jenna Hunnef, University of Saskatchewan (Indigenous, 2016, Justice)
  • Spencer Morrison, University of Tel Aviv (20thC American, 2013, Cobb)
  • Matthew Risling, University of Michigan-Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute (18thC, 2017, Keymer)

Postdoctoral Fellowships Awarded 2018-19

  • Catherine Fleming, Clark Library Short-term Fellowship, UCLA (18thC, 2018, Keymer)
  • Max Karpinski, Killam Fellowship, University of Alberta (Canadian, ABD, Kamboureli)
  • Deni Kasa, SSHRC, University of Oxford (Early Modern, 2017, Stevens)
  • Nathan Murray, SSHRC, University of Virginia (20thC British, 2018, Henderson)
  • Noa Reich, Azrieli Fellowship, University of Haifa (Victorian, 2018, Jaffe)

 VAP and LTA Positions Awarded 2018-19

  • Alyson Brickey, University of Winnipeg (American, 2017, Cobb)
  • Daniel Newman, Faculty of Arts and Science, University of Toronto (20thC British, 2013, Schmitt)

New Alt-Ac and Alt Permanent Appointments 2018-19

  • Elissa Gurman, Consultant, MacPhie, Toronto (Victorian, 2017, Bolus-Reichert)
  • Janine Harper, Graduate Programs Assistant, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Toronto (Early Modern, 2018, Harvey)
  • Anthony Oliveira, Freelance Writer (Xtra, The Washington Post, and other venues)

Academic Positions Tenure-track/Permanent 2017-2018

  • David Adkins (Early M, 18, Galbraith) Toccoa Falls College, Georgia TT 
  • Allison Crawford (Canadian, 17, ten Kortenaar) U Toronto (Faculty of Medicine) Tenured
  • Lindsey Eckert (Romantics, 13, Lynch) Florida State U (second appointment) TT
  • Nancy Kang (African-Am, 07, Hutcheon) U Manitoba (second appointment) TT
  • Geoff Hamilton (American, 06, Levene) Medicine Hat College TT

Postdoctoral Fellowships Awarded 2016-2017

  • Claire Battershill (Modern, 13, H. Jackson), SSHRC Talent Award; extension (one year)to current Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Heidi Craig (Early M, 17, Lopez) Folger Library Long-term Fellowship (one year) Folger Institute
  • Michael Donnelly (Modern/Contemp, 17, Henderson), JHI-Mellon Fellowship (2017-18, one year) U of the Western Cape
  • Jonathan Kerr (Romantics, 17, Bewell), McCain Postdoctoral Fellowship in Romantic and Regency Literature (one year) Mount Allison
  • Elisa Tersigni (Early M, 18, McLeod), Research Fellowship in Digital Humanities (seven months) U Manchester; Digital Humanities Research Fellowship (three years) Folger Institute
  • Sundhya Walther (PoCo, 15, Kanaganayakam/Li), Presidential Academic Fellowship: World Literatures in English (three years; begins 2019), U Manchester

VAP and LTA Positions Awarded 2016-2017 (to begin 2017)

  • lyson Brickey (American, 17, Cobb) LTA (one year) U Winnipeg
  • Jenna Hunnef (Native American, 16, Justice) VAP (one year) College of William & Mary
  • Daniel Newman (Modern, 13, Schmitt) Asst. Teaching Stream CLTA (one year), Graduate Centre for Academic Communication, School of Graduate Studies, U Toronto
  • Sarah Star (Medieval, 16, Akbari) VAP (one year) Kenyon College
  • David Wilton (Medieval, 15, Orchard) VAP (one-year renewal) Texas A & M

New Alt-Ac and Alt Permanent Positions 2016-2017

  • Alex Howard (Romantics, 17, Lynch) Co-ordinator, Office of Sustainability, U Calgary

Academic Positions Tenure-track/Permanent 2016-2017

  • Philip Dickinson (PoCo, 14, Quayson) U Lancaster TT
  • Adam Hammond (Mod, 11, Cuddy-Keane) U Toronto TT (Previously U San Diego TT)
  • Katie Mullins (Can, 14, Goldman) Humber Institute TT (Previously SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow)
  • Miriam Novick (Contemp, 15, Ruti) Humber Institute TT
  • Rebecca Tierney-Hynes (18th C, 05, Corman) U Edinburgh TT (Previously U Waterloo TT)
  • Jessica Duffin Wolfe (Vic, 14, Jaffe) Humber Institute TT

Postdoctoral Fellowships Awarded 2016-2017

  • Deni Kasa (EM, ABD, Stevens), Azrieli International Postdoctoral Fellowship (two years), Hebrew U Jerusalem
  • Sundhya Walther (PoCo, 15, Kanaganayakam), SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship (two years), U Lancaster

VAP and LTA Positions Awarded 2016-2017 (to begin 2017)

  • Ira Wells (Amer, 11, Most) LTA (one-year) and Undergraduate Research Programs Coordinator, Victoria College U Toronto
  • Dave Wilton (Med, 16, Orchard), LTA (renewed) Texas A&M

New Alt-Ac and Alt Permanent Positions 2016-2017

  • Alex Eastwood (Mod, 15, Cobb) Senior Policy Advisor, Treasury Board Secretariat, Government of Ontario
  • Daniel Harney (Mod, 13, Cuddy-Keane) Grants and Awards Editor, Research Office, Faculty of Medicine
  • Jenny O'Kell (Rom, 16, Weisman) Issues Co-ordinator, Office of the Assistant Deputy Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, Government of Ontario

Academic Positions Tenure-track/Permanent 2015-2016

  • Mark Crimmins (Contemporary, 99, Hutcheon), Chinese U of Hong Kong, Shenzhen TT
  • Amelia Defalco (Can, 07, Hutcheon) Leeds U (UK) TT (Previously Banting Postdoctoral Fellow McMaster U)
  • Joanne Leow  (PoCo, 16,  Quayson) U Saskatchewan TT
  • Jonathan Newman [CMS] (Med, 10, Townsend) Missouri State U TT
  • Jason Peters (EM, ABD, Stevens) Booth University College TT
  • Alpen Razi (19thC/Poco, 16,  Bewell) California Polytechnic U-- San Luis-Obispo TT
  • Erin Reynolds (EM, 14, Nyquist), College of William and Mary TT ( Previously SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow U London [UK])
  • Laurel Ryan (Can, 14, Murray) U Louisiana-- Lafayette TT
  • Morgan Vanek (18th C, 16,  Bewell/Murray) U Calgary TT
  • Alisha Walters (Vic, 14, Matus) Pennsylvania State U Abington TT

Postdoctoral Fellowships Awarded 2015-2016

  • Daniel Newman (Mod, 13, Schmitt) SSHRC (two years, began Jan. 16), McGill U
  • Katherine Magyarody (Vic/Mod, 16, Schmitt) SSHRC (two years),  Texas A&M U
  • Jeff Espie (EM, 16, Galbraith) SSHRC (two years), U British Columbia

VAP and LTA Positions Awarded 2015-2016 (to begin 2016)

  • Trevor Cook (EM, 11, Galbraith) LTA Trent U (1-year) (Previously LTA York U)
  • Geoff Hamilton (Amer, 06, Levene) LTA Trent U  (1-year) ( Previously LTA York U)
  • Katherine McLeod (Can, 10, Solecki) CLTA Concordia U (3- years, start Sept. 15) ) Concordia U (Previously SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow Concordia U).
  • Alexandra Rahr (Amer, 14, Most) inaugural Bissell-Heyd Lecturer in American Studies, Centre for the Study of the United States, U Toronto (1-year)
  • Dave Wilton (Med, 15, Orchard), VAP Texas A&M U (1-year)

New Alt-Ac and Alt Permanent Appointments

  • Sarah Carson (Can, 13, Goldman), Manager, University Awards and Honours, Office of the V-P Research and Innovation, University of Toronto Toronto
  • Tara McDonald (Rom, 15, Bewell), Grant Development Specialist, Research Services, CAMH Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
  • Letitia Henville (Vic, 15 Bolus-Reichert)  Grant Facilitator, Faculty of Medicine, U British Columbia
  • Jessica Duffin Wolfe (Vic, 14, Jaffe), Editor-in-Chief, Toronto Review of Books

Academic Positions Tenure-track / Permanent 2014-2015 

  • Claire Battershill (Mod, 13, Jackson) Lakehead University TT (CRC II) [Declined]
  • Sarah Henderson (Vic, 14, Matus) Humber Institute of Technology, Toronto (Permanent)
  • M. Sid-Ahmad (EM, 14, Nyquist) King Saud U, TT [Declined] American University of Kuwait TT
  • Alice Ridout (Contemp, 04, Hutcheon) Algoma University, Ontario TT
  • Brandon McFarlane (Can, 12, Clarke) Sheridan Inst of T, Toronto (Permanent from 2013)
  • John Geck [CMS] (Med, 10, Klausner) Memorial U of Newfoundland TT
  • Adam Hammond (Mod, 11, Cuddy-Keane) San Diego State U, California TT
  • Simon Reader (Vic, 14, Jaffe) CUNY (College of Staten Island) TT
  • Kelly Minerva (PoCo, 14, Kanaganayakam) Avila University, Kansas City, Missouri TT
  • James Hewitson (Am, 03, Hayne) U of Tennessee, Knoxville (Permanent from 2011)
  • Yvonne Pelletier (Vic, 04, Garson) U of Tennessee, Knoxville (Permanent from 2011)
  • Erin Webster (EM, 14, Nyquist) Sultan Qabus University, Oman TT [Declined]
  • Jonathan Butler (Mod, 01, Hutcheon) United Arab Emirates U (Permanent)

Postdoctoral Fellowships Awarded 2014-2015

  • Claire Battershill (Rom, 13, Jackson) Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship (two years) Simon Fraser U
  • Philip Dickinson (PoCo, 14, Quayson) SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship (two years) Columbia U
  • Joanne Leow (PoCo, ABD, Quayson) SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship (two years) McMaster U
  • Spencer Morrison (Amer, 13, Cobb), Isaac Walton Killam Postdoctoral Fellowship (two years) U Alberta
  • Katie Mullins (Can, 14, Goldman), SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship Trent U
  • Michael Raby (Med, 14, Gillespie), Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship (two years) McGill U. SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship (two years) [declined]

Academic Positions Tenure-track / Permanent 2013-2014 

  • Alparna Halpé (Poco, 10, Kanaganayakam) Centennial College, Toronto (Permanent)
  • Scott Rayter (Canadian, 03, Hutcheon) UC, U of Toronto (Permanent)
  • Andrew Yang (Contemporary, 12, V. Li) Shanghai -- U of Michigan Institute (Permanent)
  • Heather Jessup (Creative Writing, 14, Ruti) Langara College, Vancouver (Permanent)
  • Tim Harrison (Early M, 14, Harvey) U of Chicago TT
  • Brittany Pladek (Romantics, 13, Bewell) Marquette U TT
  • Blago Blagoev (Early M, 10, Levenson): George Brown College, Toronto (Permanent)
  • Ceilidh Hart, (Canadian, 10, Murray), University of the Fraser Valley TT
  • Alex Hollenberg, (American, 12, Cuddy-Keane) Sheridan College, Toronto (Permanent)
  • Glenn Clifton (Mod, 12, Cuddy-Keane) Sheridan College, Toronto (Permanent)
  • Scott Schofield (Early M, 10, I. Lancashire) Western U (Huron College) TT
  • Christopher Trigg (American, 10, Downes) Nanyang Technical U, Singapore TT
  • Piers Brown (Early M, 10, Harvey) Kenyon College, Ohio TT
  • Jay Rajiva (Contemporary, 14, Ruti) Georgia State University TT; Laval University TT
  • Erin Ellerbeck (Early M, 10, Magnusson,) U of Victoria TT; U of Alaska TT [Declined]
  • Esther De Bruijn (African, 13, Quayson) University of Lethbridge TT
  • John Corrigan (American, 09, Ackerman) National Chengchi U, Taiwan TT

Academic Positions Tenure-track / Permanent 2012-2013

  • Philip Loosemore (American, 12, Downes) Centennial College, Toronto (Permanent)
  • Jennifer McDermott (Early M, 12, Harvey) John Abbot College, Montreal (Permanent)
  • Andrea Charise (Vic, ABD, Bewell) UTSC TT; U of Oregon TT [Declined]
  • Chet Scoville (Med, 00, Johnston) UTSC (Permanent)
  • Chris Hall (18th C, 07, Greene) Algonquin College, Ottawa (Permanent)
  • Lindsay Eckert (Rom, ABD, Lynch) Georgia State U, TT
  • Stewart Cole (Mod Brit, 12, Woodland) U of Wisconsin (Oshkosh) TT
  • Fiona Coll (Vic, ABD, Matus) SUNY Oswego TT
  • Julie Mehta (S. Asian, 12, Kanaganayakam) Daemen College, Amherst NY TT
  • Erin Ellerbeck (Early M, 10, Magnusson) Allegheny College, Pa TT [Declined]
  • Lindsay Reid (Early M, 10, Harvey) National U of Ireland, Galway TT
  • Anu Mohan (S Asian, 10, Kanaganayakam) Presidency U, Calcutta TT; Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi TT [Declined]
  • Suddhaseel Sen (Early M, 10, Hutcheon) Presidency U, Calcutta TT

Academic Positions Tenure-track / Permanent 2011-2012

  • Alysia Kolentsis (Early Mod, 09, Magnusson) U of Waterloo (St. Jerome’s) TT
  • Sarah Copland (Mod, 09, Cuddy-Keane) Grant MacEwan U, Edmonton TT
  • Greg Mackie (Vic, 07, Fenwick) UBC TT
  • Emily Butler (Med [CMS], 10, Orchard) John Carroll U, Ohio TT
  • Piers Brown (Early Mod, 09, Harvey) West Virginia U TT
  • Stephen Yeager (Med, 10, Orchard) Concordia U TT
  • Kailin Wright (Can, ABD, Nyquist) St Francis Xavier U TT
  • Gin Strain (Early Mod, 10, Magnusson) Loyola U Chicago TT
  • Nancy Kang (African-Amer, 07, Hutcheon) U of Baltimore TT
  • Yuri Cowan (Victorian, 08, Cuddy-Keane) Norwegian U of Science & Tech TT
  • Heather Ladd (18th C, ABD, Corman) U of Lethbridge TT

Academic Positions Tenure-track / Permanent 2010-2011

  • Eli McLaren (Can, 07, Murray) McGill U TT; Carleton U TT [Declined]
  • Jenny McKenney (18th C, 00, De Quehen) U of Calgary TT
  • Coby Dowdell (Am / 18th C, 09, Downes) King’s C, U of Western Ontario TT
  • S. Hesemeier (Can, ABD, I Lancashire) U of Alberta (Permanent)
  • Jason Boyd (Vic, 06, Matus) Ryerson U TT
  • H. Reichenbacher (Can, 98, Warkentin) OCAD (Tenured)
  • M. Sid-Ahmed (Early M, ABD, Nyquist) Humber Inst of Technology TT
  • E. Dickens (Mod Brit, 10, Cuddy-Keane) Briercrest College, Sask. TT
  • Alex Peat (Mod Brit, 06, Cuddy-Keane) Franklin College, Switzerland TT
  • Erin Ellerbeck (Early M, 09, Magnusson) Texas State U TT [Declined]
  • Darryl Domingo (18th C, 08, Corman) U of Memphis TT
  • Stephen Yeager (Med, 09, Orchard) Wayne State U TT
  • Paul Horta (PoCo, 04, Kanaganayakam) New York U (Abu Dhabi) TT [Second appointment]

Academic Positions Tenure-track / Permanent 2009-2010

  • Jan Purnis (Early M, ABD, Nyquist), U of Regina, Campion College TT
  • John Corrigan (Am, 08, Ackerman), Ming Chuan U, Taiwan TT
  • Chris Matusiak (Early M, 09, Astington), Ithaca College, New York TT
  • Chantel Lavoie (18th C, 01, Baird), Royal Military College of Canada TT
  • Nikki Hessell (Romantics, 04, Jackson), Victoria U of Wellington, NZ TT
  • Anu Mohan (South Asian, 10, Kanaganayakam), U of Nevada, Reno TT
  • Dale Barleben (Mod Brit, 08, Hutcheon), CUNY, John Jay College TT
  • Pat McBrine (Med [CMS], 08, Orchard), Southern Connecticut SU TT
  • Lindsay Reid (Early M, 09, Harvey), Koc University, Istanbul, Turkey TT 
  • Prasad Bidaye (S Asian, ABD, Kanaganayakam), Humber College, Toronto permanent
  • Pavlina Radia (Mod Am, 05, Patrick) Nippissing University TT

Academic Positions Tenure-track / Permanent 2008-2009

  • Andrea Stone (African-Am, 08, Clarke), Smith College, Mass. TT
  • Lindy Ledohowski (Can, 08, Brown), St Jerome’s College, U of Waterloo TT
  • Sarah Brouillette (PoCo, 06, Kanaganayakam), Carleton U TT
  • Kit Dobson (Can, 06, Hutcheon), Mount Royal College, Calgary TT
  • Bill Friesen (Medieval, 08, Orchard), Tyndale University College, Toronto TT
  • Kirsty Campbell (CMS / Medieval, 07, Akbari), Yeshiva U, New York TT
  • Keavy Martin (Comp Lit / Aboriginal, ABD, Chamberlin), U of Alberta TT

Academic Positions Tenure-track / Permanent 2007-2008

  • Carson, Rob (Early Modern), Hobart & Smith College, New York TT
  • Finlay, Triny (Canadian), University of New Brunswick, Fredericton TT 
  • Fleming, Damian (Medieval CMS), Indiana-Purdue University TT
  • Gerstel, Jennifer (Victorian), Lassell College, Boston TT
  • Henstra, Sarah (Modern), Ryerson University TT
  • Holmi, Nicholas (Romantics), University College, Oxford TT Previous: University of Washington
  • Radia, Pavlina (Modern), Universite de Ste Anne TT
  • Roberts-Smith, Jennifer (Early Modern), University of Waterloo TT
  • Boyd, Jason (Modern), University of Toronto (REED)—Digital Projects Manager permanent

Academic Positions Tenure-track / Permanent 2006-2007

  • Barber, Jesse (Canadian, Aboriginal), First Nations University TT
  • Bradley, Nick (Canadian), University of Victoria TT
  • Cawsey, Kathy (Medieval), Dalhousie University TT (Previous: Wilfrid Laurier University)
  • Coates, Corey (Postcolonial), Athabasca University
  • Finlayson, Caitlin (Early Modern), University of Michigan (Dearborn) TT (Previous: University of Texas (Dallas)
  • Hayes, Doug (Medieval), Lakehead University TT (Previous: Winona State University)
  • Larson, Katie (Early Modern), University of Toronto TT
  • Martin, Ann (Modern British), University of Saskatchewan TT (Previous: Dalhousie University)
  • Mason, Jody (Canadian), Carleton University TT
  • Mohamed, Feisal (Early Modern), U of Illinois (Champaign-Urbana) TT (Previous: Texas Tech University)
  • Powrie, Sarah (Medieval, CMS), U of Saskatchewan (Thomas More) TT
  • Reeves, Margaret (Early Modern), U of British Columbia (Okanagan) TT
  • Tierney-Hynes, Rebecca (Eighteenth Century), University of Waterloo TT (Previous: Suffolk University, Boston)
  • Ullyott, Michael (Early Modern), University of Calgary TT (Previous: Linacre College, Oxford University)

Academic Positions Tenure-track / Permanent 2005-2006

  • Brouillette, Sarah (Postcolonial, Irish), Massachusetts Institute of Technology TT
  • Budd, Adam (Eighteenth Century), University of Edinburgh TT
  • DeCook, Travis (Early Modern), Carleton University TT
  • Djordjevic, Igor (Early Modern), York University (Glendon College) TT
  • Grav, Peter (Early Modern), School of Graduate Studies, Toronto permanent
  • Hunt, Emma (Postcolonial, Africa), University of Georgia TT
  • Kappler, Mary Ellen, Humber College permanent 
  • Marche, Stephen (Early Modern), City College, CUNY TT
  • McGill, Robert (Canadian), University of Toronto TT
  • McKenzie, Stephanie (Native American), Northern Michigan University TT
  • Norris, Robin (Medieval), Carleton University TT (Previous: Southeastern Louisiana State University)
  • Odozor, Livinus (World Literature), University of Illinois (Springfield) TT
  • Owens, Margaret (Early Modern), Nippissing University TT
  • Schiel, Andrew (Medieval), University of Minnesota (Twin Cities) TT
  • Tierney-Hynes, Rebecca (Eighteenth Century), Suffolk University (Boston) TT
  • Walker, John (Modernism), Fisher College (Boston) TT
  • Winters, Sarah (Victorian), Nippissing University TT
  • Woodard, Steven (Modern, Film), Bishop’s University TT (Previous: Clemson University)
  • Zacher, Samantha (Medieval), Cornell University TT (Previous: Vassar College)