Randall McLeod

Professor Emeritus; Graduate Faculty

Areas of Interest

  • Textual Criticism of English and continental printed books and manuscripts from the fourteenth century
  • The History of Editing
  • The Material Text
  • Unediting/Textual Midwifery


  • Fredson Bowers Memorial Biennial Prize (2005) from the Society for Textual Scholarship – for the essay “Gerard Hopkins and the Shapes of his Sonnets” (2004).
  • Mellon Fellowship (2001).
  • Rosenbach Lectures, University of Pennsylvania (1999–2000).
  • Guggenheim Fellowship (1988).
  • Sohier Prize, best undergraduate thesis in a modern language, Harvard College (1966).


The McLeod Portable Collator, a stereoscopic device for comparing texts as images. A dozen and a half models have been placed with private scholars and in research institutions on three continents (including the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, and London; the National Library of Wales; Università di Udine; New York Public Library, Pierpont Morgan Library, etc.).


Book Publications

Cyndia Clegg and Randall McLeod, The peaceable and prosperous regiment of blessed Queene Elisabeth: A Facsimile from Holinshed’s Chronicles (1587), Huntington Library Press (2005).

Randall M Leod, ed., Crisis in Editing: Texts of the English Renaissance, AMS (1994).

Essay Publications

Alba Page, “The Sewers of Paris”, Chicago Review, 59:1 (Fall 2014) (16 pp.).

Laksmi Cohen MacGregor, “On the Typography of Blank Pages,” Chicago Review, 58:1 (Summer 2013) (8 pp.)

THE UNEDITOR: Randall McLeod in conversation with Mark Owens, July 2008”, in Dot Dot Dot 18, 24 August 2009, 40–57 (18 pages).

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Current Research

The press of Aldus Manutius; topics in the archeology of the book: bearing type, folding of paper, standing press, offset, sewing; the editorial history of the poetry of John Donne; a photo-facsimile edition of the almost seventy early 17th-century manuscripts of John Donne’s “To his mistress going to bed”.


AB, Harvard University
MA, University of Toronto
PhD, University of Toronto