Yulia Ryzhik

Director, Collaborative Specialization in Book History and Print Culture; Assistant Professor; Graduate Faculty
University of Toronto Scarborough, HW 320


Fields of Study

Areas of Interest

  • Romantic Poetry
  • Allegory
  • Satire
  • Literary Translation


Yulia Ryzhik is Assistant Professor of English at UTSC and the director of the Book History and Print Culture collaborative program at the University of Toronto. She holds a Ph.D. in English from Harvard University and specializes in early modern literature. She is the editor of Spenser and Donne: Thinking Poets (Manchester University Press, 2019) and has recently completed a monograph entitled Dark Conceits: Poetic Thinking from Spenser to Donne. Ryzhik's publications include “Planes, Plateaus, and The Faerie Queene: Spenser with Deleuze and Guattari” (Spenser Studies, 2023), "Complaint and Satire in Spenser and Donne: Limits of Poetic Justice" (English Literary Renaissance, 2017), "Books, Fans, and Mallarmé's Butterfly" (PMLA, 2011), and "Spenser and Donne Go Fishing" (Spenser Studies, 2018). Ryzhik's research and teaching interests extend to poetry of all periods, satire and humour, global reception and literary translation of early modern literature, world literature and visual arts, figurative language, allegory, and anime. She is also a practicing letterpress printer. Before coming to UTSC, Ryzhik taught at the University of New Mexico and was a Behrman-Cotsen Postdoctoral Fellow at the Princeton University Society of Fellows in the Liberal Arts (2012-1015).

Selected Publications:

Spenser and Donne: Thinking Poets. Ed. Yulia Ryzhik. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2019. [edited collection]

“Planes, Plateaus, and The Faerie Queene: Spenser with Deleuze and Guattari.” Spenser Studies 37 (2023): 447-63.

“From Russia, with Amoretti.” Spenser Review 51.1.6 (2021).

“Spenserian Allegory in Japan.” Spenser Review 49.2.2 (2019).

“Spenser and Donne Go Fishing.” Spenser Studies 31-32 (2016/2017): 417-437.

“Complaint and Satire in Spenser and Donne: Limits of Poetic Justice.” English Literary Renaissance 47.1 (2017): 110-135.

“Books, Fans, and Mallarmé’s Butterfly.” PMLA 126.3 (May 2011): 625-43.


Ph.D. (2011), English, Harvard University
M.A. (2007), English, Harvard University
B.A. (2005), English, Harvard University

Administrative Service

Director of the Book History and Print Culture Collaborative Program