Janielle Browne

MA CrW Candidate


Areas of Interest

  • Creative Writing


My project, As Thyself, a novel about the interactions of a Black family from St. Vincent and the Grenadines and their experiences assimilating to Canada, explores the flexibility and boundaries of Caribbean identity. These identities carry remnants of Eurocentric implications and ideals that were engrained in the enslaved and indentured persons, resulting in a facet of identity that is shaped by the perception of others. My project highlights the complexities of Caribbean Diasporic identities including the need to forsake national identity to assimilate into the larger Caribbean or “Black” contexts, while suggesting that our individual identities are essential. 

List of Publications 

Mother She Wrote” was published in KOLA Magazine Volume 43 Number 1 Spring 2022 edition. Browne, Janielle F. J. “Mother She Wrote.” KOLA Magazine, Volume 43 Number 1 Spring 2022, pp.31-38.