Nicholas Odom

MA Candidate


Areas of Interest

  • Reception Studies
  • Modernist Poetry
  • Global Modernisms
  • Literature and Philosophy
  • Classics
  • Late Antiquity
  • Middle English


My primary line of research is in reception studies, in particular classical reception of modern and contemporary literature. In this work, I try to explicate fascinating examples of classical reception in experimental literature, especially in the work of authors who are generally considered to disown the past and reject their continuity with it. Outside of literature in English, I am interested in various topics in philosophy, including rule-following and intentionality, as well as literature in the classical period, late antiquity, and the Middle Ages. I am currently preparing a dual-language version of Chaucer's translation of Boethius' Consolatio philosophiae, containing both Chaucer's Middle English and the original Latin, for Contubernales.

List of Publications

Chaucer’s Boëce (editor), Contubernales (in progress)
“Ezra Pound’s Washington Cantos and the Struggle for Light” (review), European Journal of American Studies (March 2023)
“Ava Chin,” Asian American Literature: An Encyclopedia for Students, Greenwood/ABC-CLIO (August 2021)
Rule-Following, Enculturation, and Normative Identity, honors undergraduate thesis completed with advisor Dr. Derek Green (May 2021)
“T. S. Eliot, Ezra Pound, and Literary Tradition,” Richard Macksey National Undergraduate Research Journal (October 2020)
Borrowing Time: The Classical Tradition in the Poetic Theories of T. S. Eliot and Ezra Pound, honors undergraduate thesis completed with advisor Dr. Louise Kane (December 2019)