ENG480H1F - L0501

Advanced Studies Seminar: Pound, Modernism, & Beyond


Thursday 2 pm - 4 pm


M. Xie

E-mail: ming.xie@utoronto.ca

Brief Description of Course

The work of Ezra Pound engages with a wide range of issues in his time and beyond. This course is a critical exploration of Pound’s major works in relation to his fundamental concerns as a modernist poet. Topics and issues may include: image, persona, rhythm; form, materiality, subjectivity; history and mysticism; relations between aesthetics, politics and economics; gender and sexuality; translation, treason, and tradition. The course aims to provide students with an in-depth engagement with Pound’s most significant works and a critical understanding of his poetic theories, methods, and techniques, as well as his intellectual and cultural perspectives. The course also aims to help students strengthen skills in close reading and critical interpretation.

Required Reading(s)

All readings will be posted on the class Quercus page.

First Three Authors/Texts


Method of Evaluation

  • Close-reading essay (20%)
  • Research essay (40%)
  • Seminar presentation (20%)
  • Participation and discussion (20%)