Creative Writing Workshop


Tues 12pm - 2pm


I. Williams

NOTE: This course is restricted to students enrolled in the MA in English in the Field of Creative Writing program.

Course Description

A creative writing workshop in multiple genres. Students will submit their work on a regular basis for group discussion and workshopping.

S-Term Course Description

The second part of the course expands the traditional workshop model beyond giving and receiving peer feedback. My premise is that a sustainable creative writing practice operates in a cycle of writing, reading, revising, and sharing. Moreover, we focus on developing necessary capacities or traits that are essential to your success as a writer in the program and beyond. These capacities include self-discipline, curiosity, risk, vulnerability, empathy, courage, etc.

Course Method of Evaluation and Course Requirements

The final grade will be based on the student's demonstrated writing skill, conscientiousness in submitting assignments, development, and class participation. Methodology for conducting seminar: Students will submit their work in advance to the professor and their fellow students for group discussion during class. The final grade will be equally weighted between the two semesters.

S-Term Components (50% of your course grade) (January 2023 to April 2023)

  • Workshops and in-class activities: 30%
  • 2 x 7/7 Project: 15%
  • Iceberg Revision: 15%
  • Community Connection: 5%
  • Final Portfolio: 35%

Term: S-TERM (January 2023 to April 2023)
Date/Time: Tuesday / 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm
Location: Room JHB 617 (Jackman Humanities Building, 170 St. George Street)
Delivery: In-Person