George Elliott Clarke

Professor; Graduate Faculty; Undergraduate Instructor
Jackman Humanities Building, Room 804, 170 St. George Street, Toronto, ON M5R 2M8


Fields of Study

Areas of Interest

  • Cinema
  • Graphic Texts
  • Indigenous Literature
  • Jewish Studies
  • Literary and Critical Theory
  • Opera Libretti & Songwriting
  • Political/Philosophical Texts
  • Pop/Pulp Culture Works
  • Romantic and Victorian Literature
  • South Asian Literature in English


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Invited Lectures

“White Judges, Black Hoods: Hangings-as-Lynchings in Three Canadian True-Crime Texts.” Canadian Association of Law Librarians. Delta Beauséjour, Moncton, NB, May 4, 2015.

“Alice Munro’s Black Bottom: Black Tints and Euro Hints in Lives of Girls and Women.” Keynote Address, The 13th Annual Concordia English Graduate Colloquium, Concordia University, Montreal (QC), February 28, 2015.

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Stage Productions

Trudeau: Long March / Shining Path. Wolfville, NS:  Summer Institute of the Trudeau Foundation, 2006; Toronto, ON: Africanadian Playwrights Festival, 2006; Toronto, ON:  Harbourfront Centre Corporation, 2007; Halifax, NS: Pier 21 Museum and Mulan Chinese Cultural Centre, 2007; Department of Political Science, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB, 2008.

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Current Research

  • Writing new essays on African-Canadian Literature.
  • Writing new essays on Caribbean roots of African-Canadian Literature.

Awards and Honours

His many honours include the Portia White Prize for Artistic Achievement (1998), Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio (Italy) Center Fellowship (1998), Governor-General’s Award for Poetry (2001), the National Magazine Gold Medal for Poetry (2001), the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Achievement Award (2004), the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Fellowship Prize (2005), the Dartmouth Book Award for Fiction (2006), the Eric Hoffer Book Award for Poetry (2009), appointment to the Order of Nova Scotia (2006), appointment to the Order of Canada at the rank of Officer (2008), and five honorary doctorates. 


BA, University of Waterloo
MA, Dalhousie University
PhD, Queen's University