ENG240Y1 - L0101

Old English Language and Literature


Monday/Wednesday/Friday 10 am - 11 am

Instructor Information

F. Michelet

E-mail: abienne.michelet@utoronto.ca

Course Description

Prepares students to read the oldest English literary forms in the original language. Introduces the earliest English poetry in a woman's voice, expressions of desire, religious fervour, and the agonies of war. Texts, written 680 - 1100, range from the epic of Beowulf the dragon-slayer to ribald riddles.

Required Readings


First Three Authors/Texts

  • The Colloquy on the Occupations
  • Ælfric
  • ‘Cynewulf and Cyneheard.’

Methods of Evaluation

  • Weekly quizzes
  • Test
  • Short assignments
  • Essay
  • Participation