ENG388H1F - L0101

Creative Writing: Poetry


Tuesday 10 am - 12 pm

Thursday 11 am - 12 pm


Dr. L. Crosbie

E-mail: TBA

Brief Description of Course

We will look at a variety of poems over the course of the term. As we seek to define genre, we shall cede to the infinite possibilities and variations the genre contains: at how much room there is for every voice and style. 

First Three Authors/Texts

For the first class, read Stephen King’s On Writing, Patricia Hill Collins’s Black Feminist Thought and James Ellroy’s My Dark Places.

First Text/s

On Writing, “For John, Who Begs Me Not to Enquire Further,” by Anne Sexton. 

Method of Instruction

Informal lectures about the texts and genre/s (etc.) at the beginning of each class, with a formal emphasis on the assignments and assigned readings. I will talk to and with you and then the workshop will commence. 

Method of Evaluation

  • Participation: 15% (This includes attendance, which is strongly encouraged.)
  • Two short quizzes: 10%/per
  • Short essay: (Critical/visual essay) 10%
  • Midterm Portfolio: 25%
  • Final Portfolio: 40%