ENG480H1F - L0101

Advanced Studies Seminar: Romantic Pastoral


Monday 2 pm - 4 pm


K. Weisman

E-mail: karen.weisman@utoronto.ca

Brief Description of Course

There are many competing definitions of pastoral, but we generally understand pastoral poetry to evoke a world of ease and simplicity within a beautiful and gentle landscape. The apparent simplicity of pastoral is frequently subjected to ironic disruption, and this course will study the aesthetic, political and cultural implications of Romantic pastoral poetry and its place within the larger historical tradition of pastoral and of nature writing.

Required Reading(s)

We will read poetry by Charlotte Smith, John Clare, William Wordsworth, and Percy Shelley

First Three Authors/Texts

William Wordsworth, “Preface to Second Edition of Lyrical Ballads,” “Tintern Abbey,” “Michael,” “The Last of the Flock,” “The Solitary Reaper,” “Anecdote for Fathers.”

Method of Evaluation

  • Oral seminar delivery with brief write-up (25%)
  • Informed class participation (10%)
  • Written prospectus (preparation for research essay) [15%]
  • Research essay (50%)