9100 Topics in Theory

ENG9100HS    L0101    

Queer, Trans, and Feminist Historiographies

Seitler, D.   


Course Description:  

This is not a course in queer, feminist, or trans history. It is a course that will explore queer, trans, and feminist approaches and methods in historiography—that is, the techniques, sources, archives, practices, and theoretical approaches one might take to generate specifically queer, trans, and/or feminist understandings of and engagements with the past. In other words, we will concern ourselves not with recovering those sexual and gender identities at the margins of history but with exploring the methods, practices, and politics of how, why, and in what forms such histories get (re)told. We will be particularly concerned with the fictional, visual, and aesthetic shape of contemporary desires for relation to and/or use of the past. Speculation, imagination, attachment, potential history, counter-archive, and fabulation will all be key terms. 

Course Reading List: 

We will read the theoretical work of Azoulay, Freeman, Hartman, Nyong’o, Luciano, Stein, and others and the poetry and fiction of Dickinson, Rosenberg, Philip, Acker, Carson, and others.

Method of Evaluation and Course Requirements:  [NB: SGS requires that participation grade must not exceed 20% of total grade]
Course Requirements: Seminar presentation (20%), 3 short précis (15%), conference reflection (5%), participation (20%), final research paper (40%).


Term: S-TERM (January 2025 to April 2025)
Date/Time: Wednesday 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm (2 hours)
Location:  TBA

Delivery: In-Person